At PrideFit, we believe in keeping things simple, especially for our general lifestyle/fitness clients.  We believe in using exercises and routines that are most effective based on basic training principles and evidence based practice.  


We focus on creating exercise programs that are specific to your wants and needs.  

In today’s fitness community and social media, you’ll find a lot of influencers performing or teaching routines that seem “cool” or different, however, you can’t reinvent the wheel.   

PrideFit Training focuses on standard principles of getting stronger.  When you get stronger, you build muscle and in order for the body to maintain muscle, you burn fat.  That is the very basis of the overly-used term “toning”.


Joe Ferrero, DPT, CFSC is a Physical Therapist, Personal Trainer, Nutrition Coach and Level 1 and 2 Certified Functional Strength Coach.  

As far back as can be remembered in Joe’s younger days, Joe has been immersed in athletics and fitness.  From youth sports to high school then college soccer, to transitioning his focus from on the field to the gym and proper nutrition over the last 10 years, Joe has always found new ways to push his body and physical potential.  

Joe had begun his post-grad school career as a physical therapist practicing for 12 years before needing to reconnect to his love for athletics, fitness and nutrition.  

Joe Ferrero launched his own personal training/strength and conditioning business Pride Fit in 2021 in order to help guide others on how to reach their goals in aesthetics, general health and athletics.


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